Snakebite and Pitfall

Snakebite and Pitfall

Biting hindsight has exaggerated my mental reconstruction of the period we spent in chains together.  As a refugee, he told the fate of his departed lands and people.  As a weaver, he spun riddle, not sermon, thick with morality, leaving me in angry…

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One Last Thought

One Last Thought

It’s funny how some things slip your mind so easily, I’d forgotten until now I’d been a child once. But now it is as clear and real as the outcome of the next few spilt seconds. As if I were them I can see myself from my parents perspective leaning over…

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Four Play Sex by Numbers

Four Play Sex by Numbers

One takes home some sexy winnings from the casino, Two and Three too. Two and Three have a sexy ease about them. One is in the mood for celebrating both the odds and the winnings and they both fit the party in mind. Giggles and smiles accompany the…

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One Word Who Listens

One Word Who Listens


This letter is going to sound a bit strange, I have just had some bad piece of news over the telephone. I can’t explain it to you easily as we haven’t seen each other for such a long time, so I am going to tell you the entire story. How long has it…

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Lonely Old Cat

Lonely Old Cat

He looked lonely. And to a certain extent in some respects he was. But in the more obvious ones he was just waiting. He gazed from the window, feeling the city as it eased past his face, carrying its familiar bouquet of sounds and smells. He was just…

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Joke’s Word is Life


The words really and slacking come to mind, yeah, that bad.
I’ll say that bad. The look on your face should say it all.
What’s the matter? Pull yourself together. Why depressed?
The suit doesn’t suit you. It doesn’t suit you at all. What’s happened?

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Travel Three: Night-time Shadows

Travel Three: Night-time Shadows: Final of a three parts series of poems by E. M. Crisp

Dark Night,
Black cloud,
Creative Shroud,
Your hidden guests’ unseen faces.
The only eyes are in voices,
Like looks in silhouettes.
A cough worth a thousand words.

You have invited quite a crowd,
From the far reaches of all around.
Nimble fingers that…

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Fateful Choices

Fateful Choices: a poem by E. M. Crisp

Only our sensory connections are restrained.
They can feel only the three dimensions.
Yet each brain is a vault of information.
Time brings us keys to unlock the abundance.

There is no such thing as loot or power.
And only one reality also known as the…

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Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost:

Red cheeks from the tape and purple scars from rope
Why can’t we just fill eleven-years’ child with hope,
Why with what he used, why the message he traced.
Shattered dreams and bloody tears on eleven-years’ face.

Too precious and too young, for such a…

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Shapeshifter inspired by Backpack By Joshua Costea

Shapeshifter inspired by Backpack By Joshua Costea:

T picked up on H in a second. Something in this guy was easy; it was almost like putting on a backpack. As I got closer to him he realised it too. A smile lit up across his face, as if I had made it myself.

- I am an actor, he told me. – But not the kind…

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